15 years ago, our greatest gift, Gabby, came into our lives. When I saw her scurry past the kitchen door for the first time, my eyes immediately filled up with happy tears (this is normal if you know me… I’m pretty sensitive!). I could not believe there was a little puppy roaming our home since my dad was so adamant about not getting a dog.

We had just moved into our freshly built home in a different town and I was starting middle school with an entirely new crew of kids. The move was an exciting one and having a cute, teeny puppy made the change even more enjoyable.

I am now engaged and living with my fiancé, step-son and a new puppy of our own, however, my fondest memories of growing up always included my sweet little nugget, Gabby. Over these precious years, I got to know her silly quirks: what she liked to eat (and what she didn’t!), which family member she loved kissing the most, how she would get so excited to take a ride in the car, and how she would dart back and forth across the length of our backyard if she saw a squirrel. Most of all, and in my opinion, best of all, I fully enjoyed watching her partake in27956_1503588596223_2226152_n her favorite seasonal activities – summer time regularly consisted of sunbathing on the deck or running around our pool for hours chasing the vacuum and winter time, specifically, Christmas, consisted of going after her own presents under the tree and proceeding to unwrap it prior to Christmas morning. Look at her go! 20550_1333526864786_4332811_n


Oh how I will miss this little light in our lives. She brought so much joy and love into our family and I wish we had another 15 years with her. It truly is never enough time when you’re talking about a family member. Because that’s what she is to us – family. I learned so much from Gabby and the way my parents handled raising her, which are all things I am happy to say I’ve been able to carry over into raising our brand new puppy, Aidan. I am so grateful for those life lessons in love & responsibility.

So today, again with tears in my eyes.. I had to say goodbye to the greatest thing to ever happen to my family. Rest easy Gabby girl… love you forever & always <3296955_2574650932112_1452135416_n

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2 thoughts on “our greatest gift, gabby

  1. mama nugget Post author

    Thanks so much Lindsey! Yes, we were really lucky to have her for 15 wonderful years! She was a great dog!


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