This past weekend might have been my best yet (excluding the weekend of my October wedding, of course!). Months ago, my good friend Lindsey and I signed up for a Makeup Master Class taught by Mario Dedivanovic, lead makeup artist for Kim Kardashian and newly appointed Global Ambassador of Creative Artistry for the top brow brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve been following him for about a year now… seeing his work and the many gorgeous looks he creates on top celebs. He truly is amazing. We were counting down the days to learn from the very best, to say the least.

It was smooth sailing into NYC on a beautiful, but cold Sunday morning. We walked into the Helen Mills Theatre and waited in line to be seated. To my pleasant surprise, I recognized the gals collecting money and checking us in at the front door – it was Mario’s family, his sisters to be exact! His dad was at the front door guiding guests in the right direction, mom was handing us our incredible makeup goodie bags and his brother was communicating to the crowd rules/instructions etc etc. It was truly a family affair. How freakin’ cool is that?! I mean, really! I just love how family oriented this uber successful bi-coastal makeup artist is. It is so refreshing to know that such a warm, friendly, talented, hard working, knowledgeable and most of all, humble, person has been able to achieve such a high level of success. It is well-deserved!

Mario finally walks on stage with an announcement that went a little like this – “My model canceled last minute, would anyone in the audience be willingly to volunteer?” As you can imagine, every single hand shot up in the air. To have Mario… THE Mario Dedivanovic do your makeup is just a dream. With all the begging and moaning, it was almost too loud to hear a little voice in the background volunteering to be the model – cue KIM KARDASHIAN walking on stage! Now, emotions were literally all over the place. There were cheers, there were tears, there was clapping and shouting and most of all, there was a lot, and I mean A LOT of screaming. Everyone was thoroughly SHOCKED! With all the excitement I almost forgot why we were there. It took a few minutes to re-center and gather myself. I quickly realized that not only will we get to see Mario do his famous “Kim Kardashian Glam” technique in person, but we were literally watching him do this look on Kim herself – it couldn’t get much better than that! IMG_20150111_113036

The Master Class lasted a few hours and Mario covered every single detail… from products he regularly uses to how he applies the product, all the way to offering extra added tips and tricks to help us with our makeup applications – this class was worth every single cent! I learned more from Mario in a few hours than I learned in all of beauty school. I love to learn and continuing education is something I am definitely planning on doing consistently._20150113_220156

Kim was so incredibly sweet and very funny too! She had the crowd laughing most of the class. She was kind enough to stay back for a few to take pictures with the entire audience. We went up in small groups to meet her and take a photo (mainly so that our friends would actually believe us!). She’s such a beauty!10325224_10206168882407580_205759282602847623_n

I don’t know why, and I honestly can’t explain it, but I was WAY more nervous to meet Mario than Kim. I guess it’s because I just respect him so much as an artist and truly look up to him in the beauty industry that I was shaking a little while walking up to him. I played it much cooler infront of Kim than Mario ha! But again, this sweetheart was willing to take a quick selfie with Lindsey and I. Ahhh! Just LOVE him! 10447726_844819052243009_5947300478509424583_n

What a fantastic experience this was. I will never ever forget it. The lessons, tips and techniques I learned from this class has been beyond helpful and critical to my future success in the beauty biz. Can’t wait to see what this year brings 🙂

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” -Abraham Lincoln

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” -Abraham Lincoln

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” -Abraham Lincoln

(So, as you can see, I’ve been inspired by honest Abe today!)


When a new year begins, we look forward to the future and appreciate the fresh ‘start’ we’ve been given. While it’s good to look in the direction ahead of us, it is extremely important to reflect on the moments that have passed. There is a lot to learn from history, and what better way to self improve than to learn from past mistakes and/or situations. As I reflect on my own experiences from last year, I’ve come to realize that I’ve learned much more than I ever imagined possible. These life lessons will stay with me forever.

I cannot control it all: At one point in my life, I thought I could control it all. Over this past year, I’ve come to realize that I was sadly mistaken. Wedding planning has been my biggest teacher in this. Because I do like to control almost everything in my life (in more of an organized, detail-oriented, I want everything to be perfect kind of way), I thought (as did my mother… I know you did, ma!) that I’d tilt more toward a bridezilla type of bride. To everyone’s pleasure and surprise – I was anything but. I was easy going, relaxed, and didn’t have very many requests. There was one hiccup related to one of the vendors I originally booked, but instead of freaking over it (for more than half a day) I sought out a solution, with the help of very supportive friends. Going to problem solving vs. extreme hysterics served the situation well and proved to me that I can in fact ‘go with the flow.” In fact, on the day of my wedding, I was unusually calm. I let it all go. The planning had been done. My mini drama with the vendor was over and I booked someone else who ended up doing the most amazing job ever. So all in all, it worked out without the unnecessary need to control it.Candlewood-Inn-Brookfield-CT-wedding-photo-116

I cannot do it all: I definitely still have lingering feelings that I can do it all, but this past year showed me to not be afraid to ask for help. No better situation proved this than helping to run a campaign, while wedding planning and continuing to conduct my makeup business as usual. I had a lot on my plate, yes. And I absolutely hit many roadblocks and nights of hysterics stemming from the extreme stress I felt. My husband has been the most important reason in me learning to ask for help when I need it. For whatever reason, my husband is extremely talented at prioritizing important tasks. He is calm under very stressful situations, in fact, he performs better when stressed. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. It is helpful to have perspective from him on how to handle a stressful situation in a much better way. Having this support system during such a crazy time has been the best teacher for me – in both asking for help and in taking a breath (or 2!) when feeling overwhelmed.10348539_356077721215048_3098049258924201856_n

People will disappoint you at some point, trust your gut & be true to yourself: I’ve always been a bit naive to people lying to me, especially those I know well. Although it’s hard to believe that someone could outright lie, it does happen.. and the older I get, unfortunately, the more and more aware of it I become. It’s a harsh reality in getting older. As negative as that sounds (and I know I try my best to put a positive spin on things) it’s just the truth. I’ve become more suspicious of people’s intentions, which is sad, since at one time, I was definitely described as more gullible than anything. I am super honest and sometimes that bites me in the tush. But I really don’t care. I truly dislike lying and dishonesty. It’s hard for me to get past things when I know that someone or something is disingenuous. All I can do is be true to myself and uphold the high standard of morals of honesty & integrity I’ve been taught. Period.d5b90a2d388782152c88817a4f2d02d2

I am on the right track, so I’m gonna keep on trucking: Starting a new business is tough. Starting a brand new career and a new business simultaneously is even more difficult – and that’s exactly what I did. The good news is that my first year in business went very well. I had many clients book me for weddings, proms, special events etc etc. And I am booking up quickly in 2015, with inquiries for 2016. Yay! Things are good for sure. However, the biggest teacher for me has been the Winter season. This is the time that the makeup jobs slow down a bit (at least this is my experience in the first year). I’ve had to remind myself over the past month that I am doing the right thing. I am in fact doing well and following my heart which has truly been the best decision I’ve ever made. However, these Winter months need to pass quickly (haha!). I can’t wait for the weddings I’ve booked this year and to see how happy my brides are on their most special day. I now know that feeling of being a bride myself and am so genuinely happy for these women. My clients are my inspiration in knowing that I need to keep trucking along, following my dreams and making people feel wonderful about themselves. It makes me happy 🙂1898171_811521725572742_2983445290720842685_n

I am grateful and thankful for all lessons learned in 2014 since now I can apply them to life in the future, improving my world overall!

I may have taken a brief hiatus from blogging, however, the makeup purchases and product testing continued as per usual – trust me!

So, I kind of fell in love. In love with a brand. Literally an entire line of makeup. But, before I start gushing about my obsession, I need to discuss Ulta. Now, the reason for making my first ever trip to Ulta was for this brand line that is not carried in any other retailer by my house. I walked in and of course felt like I just entered heaven – super girly, inviting, organized and easy to navigate. Self service is really how you shop for product, however, the beauty associates are extremely friendly, sweet, knowledgeable and best of all, not pushy! So I spent ohhhh about 2 hours meandering the floor – from the skincare section, to the hair area and full blown salon, to the fragrances and of course, my ultimate, the makeup section. I spent a ton of time here for a first visit. Most of it included self dialogue trying to restrain myself from over purchasing. Self control basically flew out the window and I left with a lot of money worth of makeup – oy vey! If you haven’t experienced all that is Ulta… you are in fact missing out! I wholeheartedly suggest making a trip there, and if you can’t swing by one of their stores, at least take a look at their website.

Back to my infatuation… drum roll pah-leez… I am in love with IT COSMETICS! I discovered this amazing line via my Maid-of-Honor at our wedding rehearsal dinner this past summer (I’ve only used 1 product before – the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil … but I had NO CLUE just how incredible the entire line actually is!). Her skin looked smooth, flawless and she just had a lovely, healthy glow! Clearly, I needed to know what the good stuff was. Get this – Innovative Technology (aka IT Cosmetics) was founded by a woman (Jamie Kern Lima) who suffers from Rosacea herself. She couldn’t find any makeup products that would cover the skin condition or the product(s) were not flattering on her skin. She took matters into her own hands (girl power!) and knew there had to be a better way, a better product that could be developed to help women look and feel their most beautiful. I truly LOVE that this line is carefully developed alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists, never tested on animals and that they only use natural, physical and chemical-free sunscreens in all their products. These high quality, high performance products just makes you feel awesome about using them. Makeup with skincare benefits?! Yes, please!

I present to you my go-to foundation / concealer routine:

Foundation – Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+  I love this CC Cream for multiple reasons. The medium to heavy coverage i2264063s buildable… check! It contains SPF 50 protecting skin from harmful sunrays, which are a leading cause of fine lines & wrinkles… check, check! One tube lasts me a month or 2… check, check, check! I wear this product from morning to night with zero touch-ups needed. Once dried, it stays on the face, in place, and gives me that healthy glow I love. My skin is completely even and my dark spots are non-existent. My perfect color match is in “Light” but this CC Cream is available in 4 other beautiful shades ($38 USD).

Concealer – Bye Bye Undereye Anti-Aging Concealer I have dark circles galore! No Joke – it’s mostly hereditary; however, minimal sleep and thin skin around the eye area are Bye_Bye_Under_Ey_4a6e692239968major contributors to my dark circle dilemma. I’ve tried almost ever concealer out there, and nothing compares to this bad boy! It’s a full coverage (my fav) waterproof concealer with skincare benefits. Again, makeup with skincare benefits (anti-aging to be exact) – just doesn’t get much better than that! This concealer does not crease, I repeat, this concealer does NOT crease. They’ve appropriately named this product because you can honestly say bye, bye to those undereye circles. If there’s a day I go without makeup… rare, but possible… this is the one product I would need to use. Can’t leave the house without it! My color match again, is “Light” and is available in 3 other shades ($24 USD).

Brush – Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Foundation/Concealer Brush OK, hurry and go 2264109throw away all other foundation and concealer brushes right now. You do not need them. This brush is your one-stop shop, 2-in-1 tool that REALLY gives you that flawless complexion I’ve been raving about! It’s pretty compact too, so super easy to carry around in your purse. If you want that airbrush, perfectly smooth look and feel on your face, you must grab this brush… and fast! It truly is the difference in my makeup application. I can’t stress enough how important your tools and brushes are when applying makeup. This brush is $48 USD and worth every freakin’ penny! Promise!

Perfect strangers comment on how smooth and even my skin looks and just how *perfect* my skin is – little do they know I’ve got dark spots from acne scars up the wazoo! So, it just goes to show that with a little help of some amazing products such as these, you can achieve that flawless look you’re constantly searching for.

Good luck and I hope you fall in love with IT Cosmetics just as much as I have 🙂

Long time, no speak, my little nuggets and I really do mean LONG TIME – just a little over 7 MONTHS since writing a blog post! Yikes!

First and foremost, before playing ‘catch up’ – I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! It’s January 1, 2015 – the perfect day to start anew… to be proactive with this metaphorical fresh, clean slate we’ve all been given and go out there and get started on anything you’ve been putting off or begin working toward that goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Now. Is. The. Time.  Yes, you.. GO NOW and just DO IT!

How did you spend your New Years Eve? My friends and I rang in 2015 with a delicious Italian meal equipped with hats, crowns and noise makers galore!


2014 – a crazy, incredible, life changing and eye-opening year for me. Laying out a brief synopsis of this absolutely insane time in my life, will give you a better idea of just how much of a whirlwind I was living in – so hold onto your pants! I’ve learned A LOT in just 12 months and I plan on implementing the knowledge and perspective I’ve gained into the New Year.

Began my career as a Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician: I started booking makeup applications for weddings, proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays etc etc. Over the past year, I’ve continued to build this brand new business via incredible clients and many friends who referred me, allowing me the amazing opportunity to do what I love and at the same time, make people feel wonderful about themselves – what could be better than that?! I am truly looking forward to working in 2015 and seeing where this journey takes me!


Planned my wedding: This was (by far!) the highlight of 2014 for me. Sure, planning a wedding is stressful at times for nearly every bride, but the process of it was interesting and 10636045_10204439452376218_8445579366004940905_ndefinitely a once in a lifetime experience. What I found pleasure in most was seeing it all come together on the day of, October 10, 2014. I woke up calm, happy, excited, nervous but most of all, totally in love. It all just felt ‘right’ – as it should feel! Peppered in there was my bridal shower (hosted by both my mom and mom-in-law… thanks girls!) and my bachelorette party which was an all day wine tour & hibachi dinner (beautifully organized by my maid of honor.. Thank you!). 10450541_10204101690972394_3996926872914889751_nThe actual day of the wedding was, in one word, perfect! A few days after our wedding, Aidan, our Golden Retriever son, turned 1!! October was an important month, indeed!






My husband ran for US Congress: Yes, yes he did. The same year we were getting married. In fact, the election was a mere 3 weeks after our wedding. We were living life in full-steam-ahead mode to say the least! I helped him in any way that I possibly could – personally handing out palm cards, organizing volunteers to help with lawn signs, walking door to door, setting up phone banks, making phone calls to voters myself. And the list could go on and on. There was just SO much to do and I learned A TON about myself and about our relationship during this time. We had so much stress and pressure on us from every angle and still managed to do well in the end, despite the incredible amount of work and long hours required to take this task on. He did so well, and I am very proud of him. A true American patriot who would love nothing more than to help others – what a gem!



Family and Friends we lost: I needed to add this. Although it’s so sad to think about, this year did include the tragic loss of my husband’s grandparents (they each died just 6 days apart), as well as, the horrible loss of a great man and family friend that Chris became close to while running for US Congress. We will miss all of these wonderful people and will think of them often with very fond memories.



Honeymoon: Finally! We totally deserved this break and welcomed the time off in tropical paradise with arms wide open! We did not care about the extremely long plane ride because we knew that in no time, we’d be sipping on frozen beverages on the beach! This is truly the thing that kept me chugging along all year. Hawaii was just the place to re-charge our batteries! We spent 13 amazing days in the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been to. We went island hopping from The Big Island, to Maui, to Oahu, and finally, Kauai. Two of my best memories are horseback riding on a mountainside in Maui and visiting Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7th, which was the 73rd Anniversary of the attacks – it was incredibly special and emotional.




So, what have I learned? What will I take with me into 2015? To sum it up, I intend to continue to practice love – love of self, love for my husband, love for both my step-son and my canine son, of my family, friends and career. At the core of everything I plan to focus on this year, the one common thread is pure love. I have surrounded myself with people I love and I am pursuing a job that I genuinely love. I am looking forward to beginning a brand new year (and soon enough) a brand new decade with a heart filled with love, a head filled with the drive to succeed and a body that’s healthy enough to get me there! 🙂

Cheers to 2015 and i’m happy to be back!

Wishing all of you sweet little mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day this year! None of us would be here without you! Whether you’re a mom, step-mom, mother-in-law, aunt, grandmother, or great grandmother, you’re all incredibly special and super important in our lives <3 Thank you for all that you do, especially to my mom, mama mo – I love you to pieces xoxo

182762_10201415093085818_228597730_n 227033_10200210663456842_510466423_n 11434_1308279033606_5043953_n

Step 1

Tools used: Fluffy crease brush, soft apricot pink matte eye shadow

How to: Start with fresh, product-free lids. Eyelid primer optional at this stage. Dip the fluffy crease brush into a soft apricot pink matte eye shadow color and with back and forth strokes, begin to line the crease and bring it out to the outer corner of the eye. Blend well to avoid harsh lines.


20140407_195935-1Step 2

Tools used: Fluffy crease brush, orange-y matte eye shadow

How to: Dip that same fluffy crease brush into the orange-y matte eye shadow color and with back and forth strokes, begin to go over the original crease line with this new, much more pigmented color. Blend both colors extremely well and make sure to cover the inner most corner and outer most corner of the eye.



Step 3

Tools used: Pointy pencil brush, cream or gold color shimmer eye shadow

How to: Dip the pointy pencil brush into the cream or gold colored eye shadow and go over entire lid. Make the center of the lid extra shimmery by adding extra product or you can even wet the brush, dip it into the shadow and then go over the lid once again.



Step 4

Tools used: Pointy pencil brush, soft apricot matte eye shadow, soft brown matte eye shadow

How to: Dip pointy pencil brush into the soft apricot matte eye shadow and from outer corner to inner corner on the bottom lash line, apply this soft color in a back and forth motion and be sure to blend well to give it that smokey look.  Take that same pointy pencil brush and dip it into a soft brown matte eye shadow color and go over the first color on the bottom lash line. Be sure to blend both very well. You don’t want it looking harsh or messy.


Step 5

Tools used: Concealer brush, concealer one shade lighter than skin tone

How to: Put a small amount of concealer onto the concealer brush and apply underneath each eye. Drag concealer down toward the mouth and stop at the end of the nose and continue in a v-shape across the cheek toward the ear. The goal is to highlight underneath the eye to brighten the middle of the face and make those eyes pop!


Step 6

Tools used: Gel eyeliner in black, angle liner brush, faux strip lashes, lash glue, tweezers

How to: Dip angle liner brush into gel eyeliner pot and create a thick wing on the top lid. Put a small amount of lash glue on the length of the strip and with the tweezers attach the lashes to the top lid lash line. Manipulate the lashes as needed to fit your eye. You might also need to cut the strip if it’s too long for your specific eye.


Step 7

Tools used: mascara

How to: Apply mascara onto bottom lashes for the finishing touch & to make those smokey eyes really pop!


Voila… gorgeous lashes and lids!!

20140407_204755-1 20140407_205018-1 PhotoGrid_1396955720384




Yesterday I had the privilege of heading to Long Island with one of my favorites to product test A TON of makeup for my kit. And I’m happy to report that I’ve ordered many amazing goodies that I cannot wait to use on my clients – especially my brides!!

Today, I got a double dose of beauty with tickets to the International Beauty Show in New York at the Jacob Javits Center. I have been looking forward to this day for months now! I went in with a game plan. Because at events like this… you absolutely NEED one! I set a budget for myself and limited the types of products I would purchase to specific categories. As it’s typically dangerous (for my wallet) to leave me alone in a Sephora, you can only imagine how hazardous it is to let me roam free amongst the world’s top beauty brands. I carefully meandered through the booths and enjoyed the super high energy of the hair & makeup sections, but felt calm & serene around the spa, skincare and esthetics booths. It was difficult sticking to my mapped out strategy and overall plan of action, but I must give myself props on following through on my word. Go me! 🙂

Here’s all the damage that was done –

These amazing CROWN BRUSHES <3


PINNACLE Lip glosses & lipstick <3


ARDELL individual and strip lashes <3


Some bowls & spatulas for those facials <3


What I love about this show is that although extremely popular, I didn’t feel cramped or unable to move around to test product or watch what was happening on stage. I always do an internal “best of” award when attending these types of events… sort of a ‘mini’ competition in my mind, if you will. I love seeing the creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking that shines through each company’s booth. And my “best in show” award goes to (without question) Farouk CHI / Biosilk – the showmanship between the Emcee, hairstylists and models was truly unmatched by any other vendor. I felt myself continually going back to their booth to see just 1 more haircut / show. I just LOVED it!

After spending about 4 hours wandering around independently, my tummy decided that it was beyond hungry and time to leave. Satisfied with my purchases for the day… I definitely got my beauty fix and thrilled that I was able to attend another successful beauty show!

Dry. Cracked. Peeling – All words to describe my lips during these frigid winter months – yummy, right? NOT AT ALL! And these consistent snow storms on the East Coast aren’t helping to relieve any of these unsightly symptoms unfortunately. I am an obsessive lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm re-applier. Guilty as charged! But the number of applications increases as the temperature decreases, which is why I just had to blog about my favorite picks to moisturize, hydrate and keep those puckers plump and perfect 
I’m a HUGE lipstick gal, hence, the reason I started my very own lipstick line! But there are those times when you don’t need or even want pigment on the lips. If it’s the ultra-natural look you’re going for… I have just the products that have helped me achieve mega moisture with a hint of shine for appearances.

Here are my must-have’s:

Aquaphor Lip Repair ($4.99 USD): So, what’s so special about this product? Seems pretty basic… sold in a generic drug store and its over-the-top affordable… well, aquaphorEVERYTHING is right, right, right about it! If you have seriously dry & cracked lips – this is for you! I’ve been using this product for almost 10 years now. In the winter months, my stock pile increases, but I recommend this to everyone that asks me how they can remedy their lip troubles. The consistency is more ‘jelly-like’ but it’s not sticky at all. It glides on smoothly and lasts for a while which allows it the time to penetrate and heal, for real.

Bliss fabulips glossy balm in “Vanilla Mint”  ($14 USD and available in 2 additional fresh flavors – citrus mint & peppermint): This amazing-ness in a tube was given to me 2261454while on set of the Bliss Spa photo shoot in NYC about a month ago, as a little ‘thank you’ for being their makeup artist. Well, I need to be thanking Blissworld for this fabulous product! I love everything about it – the high shine, super nourishing shea butter + vitamin E formula, and best of all, the minty vanilla scent. It not only looks great, it smells wonderful too! There’s a small tint of pigment to it, but not overbearing at all. It’s just enough to give me a fresh-faced look!
Sweet Little Nugget “Sweet-E” Vitamin E Stick ($8 USD): Now, I’m a teenie-weenie bit bias on this one but I don’t write about products that I don’t believe in, let alone, sell products that I don’t believe in. So I added this one because you need this in your pocket AT ALL TIMES. Looks like a lipstick (comes in a sleek black tube case) and filled with IMG_20140227_065738nutrients that will leave those lips moist, hydrated, and most of all, healthy. There is a bit of a shine to it, which works well for both day and night looks. I personally use this stick alone during the day and underneath my lipstick at night. It is both paraben-free & fragrance-free and my favorite of everything I sell – no joke! I love that it works for both men and women… can’t beat that!! I am selling this directly for now – contact me at to place your order and it will appear on my pretty products page shortly for purchase.



I would call myself a mush. A sensitive soul. Lovey-dovey. Snuggler. Cuddler. And anything else remotely related to wearing your emotions on your sleeve – that is me to a T. I thoroughly embrace this…which is why Valentine’s Day is my holiday. A day where it’s socially acceptable to have an outpouring of love and affection, publicly. LOVE IT!

So, in the spirit of love… I wanted to post pictures of all things that I love. As you know, a picture is really worth a thousand words.. and in my case, a thousand emotions. Love everything and anything related to the below:

love of my life…


my adorable step-son…


our brand new pup…


the family (minus brother)…


the brother…


gabby girl…


my “new” family….


my gramsies (so cool!)


my aunt, uncle & cousins…


and their pup, chloe…


my high school gals…


my gals, gals…


my Maid of Honor… 1458502_10202505757955066_760315909_n

my HBO gals…


my career…


and of course, my Sweet Little Nugget Lipstick Line…


WISHING ALL OF MY SWEET LITTLE NUGGETS A VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY <3 May everyday be filled with love, especially today.

I love you all! xoxo

15 years ago, our greatest gift, Gabby, came into our lives. When I saw her scurry past the kitchen door for the first time, my eyes immediately filled up with happy tears (this is normal if you know me… I’m pretty sensitive!). I could not believe there was a little puppy roaming our home since my dad was so adamant about not getting a dog.

We had just moved into our freshly built home in a different town and I was starting middle school with an entirely new crew of kids. The move was an exciting one and having a cute, teeny puppy made the change even more enjoyable.

I am now engaged and living with my fiancé, step-son and a new puppy of our own, however, my fondest memories of growing up always included my sweet little nugget, Gabby. Over these precious years, I got to know her silly quirks: what she liked to eat (and what she didn’t!), which family member she loved kissing the most, how she would get so excited to take a ride in the car, and how she would dart back and forth across the length of our backyard if she saw a squirrel. Most of all, and in my opinion, best of all, I fully enjoyed watching her partake in27956_1503588596223_2226152_n her favorite seasonal activities – summer time regularly consisted of sunbathing on the deck or running around our pool for hours chasing the vacuum and winter time, specifically, Christmas, consisted of going after her own presents under the tree and proceeding to unwrap it prior to Christmas morning. Look at her go! 20550_1333526864786_4332811_n


Oh how I will miss this little light in our lives. She brought so much joy and love into our family and I wish we had another 15 years with her. It truly is never enough time when you’re talking about a family member. Because that’s what she is to us – family. I learned so much from Gabby and the way my parents handled raising her, which are all things I am happy to say I’ve been able to carry over into raising our brand new puppy, Aidan. I am so grateful for those life lessons in love & responsibility.

So today, again with tears in my eyes.. I had to say goodbye to the greatest thing to ever happen to my family. Rest easy Gabby girl… love you forever & always <3296955_2574650932112_1452135416_n