Long time, no speak, my little nuggets and I really do mean LONG TIME – just a little over 7 MONTHS since writing a blog post! Yikes!

First and foremost, before playing ‘catch up’ – I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! It’s January 1, 2015 – the perfect day to start anew… to be proactive with this metaphorical fresh, clean slate we’ve all been given and go out there and get started on anything you’ve been putting off or begin working toward that goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Now. Is. The. Time.  Yes, you.. GO NOW and just DO IT!

How did you spend your New Years Eve? My friends and I rang in 2015 with a delicious Italian meal equipped with hats, crowns and noise makers galore!


2014 – a crazy, incredible, life changing and eye-opening year for me. Laying out a brief synopsis of this absolutely insane time in my life, will give you a better idea of just how much of a whirlwind I was living in – so hold onto your pants! I’ve learned A LOT in just 12 months and I plan on implementing the knowledge and perspective I’ve gained into the New Year.

Began my career as a Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician: I started booking makeup applications for weddings, proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays etc etc. Over the past year, I’ve continued to build this brand new business via incredible clients and many friends who referred me, allowing me the amazing opportunity to do what I love and at the same time, make people feel wonderful about themselves – what could be better than that?! I am truly looking forward to working in 2015 and seeing where this journey takes me!


Planned my wedding: This was (by far!) the highlight of 2014 for me. Sure, planning a wedding is stressful at times for nearly every bride, but the process of it was interesting and 10636045_10204439452376218_8445579366004940905_ndefinitely a once in a lifetime experience. What I found pleasure in most was seeing it all come together on the day of, October 10, 2014. I woke up calm, happy, excited, nervous but most of all, totally in love. It all just felt ‘right’ – as it should feel! Peppered in there was my bridal shower (hosted by both my mom and mom-in-law… thanks girls!) and my bachelorette party which was an all day wine tour & hibachi dinner (beautifully organized by my maid of honor.. Thank you!). 10450541_10204101690972394_3996926872914889751_nThe actual day of the wedding was, in one word, perfect! A few days after our wedding, Aidan, our Golden Retriever son, turned 1!! October was an important month, indeed!






My husband ran for US Congress: Yes, yes he did. The same year we were getting married. In fact, the election was a mere 3 weeks after our wedding. We were living life in full-steam-ahead mode to say the least! I helped him in any way that I possibly could – personally handing out palm cards, organizing volunteers to help with lawn signs, walking door to door, setting up phone banks, making phone calls to voters myself. And the list could go on and on. There was just SO much to do and I learned A TON about myself and about our relationship during this time. We had so much stress and pressure on us from every angle and still managed to do well in the end, despite the incredible amount of work and long hours required to take this task on. He did so well, and I am very proud of him. A true American patriot who would love nothing more than to help others – what a gem!



Family and Friends we lost: I needed to add this. Although it’s so sad to think about, this year did include the tragic loss of my husband’s grandparents (they each died just 6 days apart), as well as, the horrible loss of a great man and family friend that Chris became close to while running for US Congress. We will miss all of these wonderful people and will think of them often with very fond memories.



Honeymoon: Finally! We totally deserved this break and welcomed the time off in tropical paradise with arms wide open! We did not care about the extremely long plane ride because we knew that in no time, we’d be sipping on frozen beverages on the beach! This is truly the thing that kept me chugging along all year. Hawaii was just the place to re-charge our batteries! We spent 13 amazing days in the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been to. We went island hopping from The Big Island, to Maui, to Oahu, and finally, Kauai. Two of my best memories are horseback riding on a mountainside in Maui and visiting Pearl Harbor on Sunday, December 7th, which was the 73rd Anniversary of the attacks – it was incredibly special and emotional.




So, what have I learned? What will I take with me into 2015? To sum it up, I intend to continue to practice love – love of self, love for my husband, love for both my step-son and my canine son, of my family, friends and career. At the core of everything I plan to focus on this year, the one common thread is pure love. I have surrounded myself with people I love and I am pursuing a job that I genuinely love. I am looking forward to beginning a brand new year (and soon enough) a brand new decade with a heart filled with love, a head filled with the drive to succeed and a body that’s healthy enough to get me there! 🙂

Cheers to 2015 and i’m happy to be back!

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