This past weekend might have been my best yet (excluding the weekend of my October wedding, of course!). Months ago, my good friend Lindsey and I signed up for a Makeup Master Class taught by Mario Dedivanovic, lead makeup artist for Kim Kardashian and newly appointed Global Ambassador of Creative Artistry for the top brow brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve been following him for about a year now… seeing his work and the many gorgeous looks he creates on top celebs. He truly is amazing. We were counting down the days to learn from the very best, to say the least.

It was smooth sailing into NYC on a beautiful, but cold Sunday morning. We walked into the Helen Mills Theatre and waited in line to be seated. To my pleasant surprise, I recognized the gals collecting money and checking us in at the front door – it was Mario’s family, his sisters to be exact! His dad was at the front door guiding guests in the right direction, mom was handing us our incredible makeup goodie bags and his brother was communicating to the crowd rules/instructions etc etc. It was truly a family affair. How freakin’ cool is that?! I mean, really! I just love how family oriented this uber successful bi-coastal makeup artist is. It is so refreshing to know that such a warm, friendly, talented, hard working, knowledgeable and most of all, humble, person has been able to achieve such a high level of success. It is well-deserved!

Mario finally walks on stage with an announcement that went a little like this – “My model canceled last minute, would anyone in the audience be willingly to volunteer?” As you can imagine, every single hand shot up in the air. To have Mario… THE Mario Dedivanovic do your makeup is just a dream. With all the begging and moaning, it was almost too loud to hear a little voice in the background volunteering to be the model – cue KIM KARDASHIAN walking on stage! Now, emotions were literally all over the place. There were cheers, there were tears, there was clapping and shouting and most of all, there was a lot, and I mean A LOT of screaming. Everyone was thoroughly SHOCKED! With all the excitement I almost forgot why we were there. It took a few minutes to re-center and gather myself. I quickly realized that not only will we get to see Mario do his famous “Kim Kardashian Glam” technique in person, but we were literally watching him do this look on Kim herself – it couldn’t get much better than that! IMG_20150111_113036

The Master Class lasted a few hours and Mario covered every single detail… from products he regularly uses to how he applies the product, all the way to offering extra added tips and tricks to help us with our makeup applications – this class was worth every single cent! I learned more from Mario in a few hours than I learned in all of beauty school. I love to learn and continuing education is something I am definitely planning on doing consistently._20150113_220156

Kim was so incredibly sweet and very funny too! She had the crowd laughing most of the class. She was kind enough to stay back for a few to take pictures with the entire audience. We went up in small groups to meet her and take a photo (mainly so that our friends would actually believe us!). She’s such a beauty!10325224_10206168882407580_205759282602847623_n

I don’t know why, and I honestly can’t explain it, but I was WAY more nervous to meet Mario than Kim. I guess it’s because I just respect him so much as an artist and truly look up to him in the beauty industry that I was shaking a little while walking up to him. I played it much cooler infront of Kim than Mario ha! But again, this sweetheart was willing to take a quick selfie with Lindsey and I. Ahhh! Just LOVE him! 10447726_844819052243009_5947300478509424583_n

What a fantastic experience this was. I will never ever forget it. The lessons, tips and techniques I learned from this class has been beyond helpful and critical to my future success in the beauty biz. Can’t wait to see what this year brings 🙂

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