I may have taken a brief hiatus from blogging, however, the makeup purchases and product testing continued as per usual – trust me!

So, I kind of fell in love. In love with a brand. Literally an entire line of makeup. But, before I start gushing about my obsession, I need to discuss Ulta. Now, the reason for making my first ever trip to Ulta was for this brand line that is not carried in any other retailer by my house. I walked in and of course felt like I just entered heaven – super girly, inviting, organized and easy to navigate. Self service is really how you shop for product, however, the beauty associates are extremely friendly, sweet, knowledgeable and best of all, not pushy! So I spent ohhhh about 2 hours meandering the floor – from the skincare section, to the hair area and full blown salon, to the fragrances and of course, my ultimate, the makeup section. I spent a ton of time here for a first visit. Most of it included self dialogue trying to restrain myself from over purchasing. Self control basically flew out the window and I left with a lot of money worth of makeup – oy vey! If you haven’t experienced all that is Ulta… you are in fact missing out! I wholeheartedly suggest making a trip there, and if you can’t swing by one of their stores, at least take a look at their website.

Back to my infatuation… drum roll pah-leez… I am in love with IT COSMETICS! I discovered this amazing line via my Maid-of-Honor at our wedding rehearsal dinner this past summer (I’ve only used 1 product before – the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil … but I had NO CLUE just how incredible the entire line actually is!). Her skin looked smooth, flawless and she just had a lovely, healthy glow! Clearly, I needed to know what the good stuff was. Get this – Innovative Technology (aka IT Cosmetics) was founded by a woman (Jamie Kern Lima) who suffers from Rosacea herself. She couldn’t find any makeup products that would cover the skin condition or the product(s) were not flattering on her skin. She took matters into her own hands (girl power!) and knew there had to be a better way, a better product that could be developed to help women look and feel their most beautiful. I truly LOVE that this line is carefully developed alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists, never tested on animals and that they only use natural, physical and chemical-free sunscreens in all their products. These high quality, high performance products just makes you feel awesome about using them. Makeup with skincare benefits?! Yes, please!

I present to you my go-to foundation / concealer routine:

Foundation – Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+  I love this CC Cream for multiple reasons. The medium to heavy coverage i2264063s buildable… check! It contains SPF 50 protecting skin from harmful sunrays, which are a leading cause of fine lines & wrinkles… check, check! One tube lasts me a month or 2… check, check, check! I wear this product from morning to night with zero touch-ups needed. Once dried, it stays on the face, in place, and gives me that healthy glow I love. My skin is completely even and my dark spots are non-existent. My perfect color match is in “Light” but this CC Cream is available in 4 other beautiful shades ($38 USD).

Concealer – Bye Bye Undereye Anti-Aging Concealer I have dark circles galore! No Joke – it’s mostly hereditary; however, minimal sleep and thin skin around the eye area are Bye_Bye_Under_Ey_4a6e692239968major contributors to my dark circle dilemma. I’ve tried almost ever concealer out there, and nothing compares to this bad boy! It’s a full coverage (my fav) waterproof concealer with skincare benefits. Again, makeup with skincare benefits (anti-aging to be exact) – just doesn’t get much better than that! This concealer does not crease, I repeat, this concealer does NOT crease. They’ve appropriately named this product because you can honestly say bye, bye to those undereye circles. If there’s a day I go without makeup… rare, but possible… this is the one product I would need to use. Can’t leave the house without it! My color match again, is “Light” and is available in 3 other shades ($24 USD).

Brush – Heavenly Luxe Dual Airbrush Foundation/Concealer Brush OK, hurry and go 2264109throw away all other foundation and concealer brushes right now. You do not need them. This brush is your one-stop shop, 2-in-1 tool that REALLY gives you that flawless complexion I’ve been raving about! It’s pretty compact too, so super easy to carry around in your purse. If you want that airbrush, perfectly smooth look and feel on your face, you must grab this brush… and fast! It truly is the difference in my makeup application. I can’t stress enough how important your tools and brushes are when applying makeup. This brush is $48 USD and worth every freakin’ penny! Promise!

Perfect strangers comment on how smooth and even my skin looks and just how *perfect* my skin is – little do they know I’ve got dark spots from acne scars up the wazoo! So, it just goes to show that with a little help of some amazing products such as these, you can achieve that flawless look you’re constantly searching for.

Good luck and I hope you fall in love with IT Cosmetics just as much as I have 🙂

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